Environmental Consulting Firm

Environmental Consulting

R&D Case Study

Environmental Consulting Firm
COMPANY SIZE | approximately 60 employees
REVENUE | approximately $6M annually

BACKGROUND | R&D Incentives Group was engaged to perform the Research and Development tax credit study. The client is an environmental consulting firm specializing in Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) Information Management Systems, Environmental Compliance, and Site Assessment & Remediation. The client serves all different industries such as private petroleum, energy corporations, and public school districts.

RESULTS | our firm worked closely with the principals and project managers to understand the services provided by the client. It was determined that majority of the qualified projects were from EHS Information Management Systems sector of the business, which the client developed innovative EHS Information Management Systems based on the needs of different industries. As a result of the study, the client was able to recognize approximately $350,000 in federal and state benefits.

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