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We work with our clients, and potential clients, to make a complicated process less daunting. Our goal is to produce results that stand up under any scrutiny while being as unobtrusive as possible – often only a few hours at the client‘s location. By working closely with our clients and their CPAs, we are able to streamline the process and take advantage of available credits in the most effective way. As a result ofour approach. we enjoy an unmatched client retention rate in this industry.

1. First Meeting

In this initial meeting your account executive will gather basic facts about your company and discuss the process. In addition, we will provide information about the R&D tax credit as well as address questions and concerns.

2. Pre-assessment data collection

Our consultant will organize the assessment team to analyze the data. At R&D Incentives Group we have flexibility with the data collection process and will work with you to ensure that it is done in a way that protects your best interest. We will need to review the following information: Payroll Reports, General Ledgers, and Tax Returns.

3. We conduct free no obligation assessment

After receiving the initial data, our assessment team will review and analyze all information and begin the due diligence process. At this point, we calculate preliminary tax credit totals to determine if the benefits are worthwhile for your company.

4. You retain our service

Prior to proceeding, a complete disclosure of our services, charges, and a declaration of confidentiality is provided. Once the assessment is complete, we conduct a follow up with you and your CPA for any additional question or data requests.

5. Interviewing

In order to calculate and document the Research and Development tax credit for your company, we schedule on-site interviews with key leaders to identify and discuss the qualified Research and Development projects and activities. During these interviews, our array of tools and methodologies establish the nexus between qualified employees and respective projects they worked on. Additionally, we gather documentation to substantiate key facts gathered during the interviews. Ultimately, our goal is to narrate the story as to how your company, employees and projects meet the requirements for the R&D tax credit.

6. review, package & deliver

In the last step, our Audit & Review team ensures that all calculations are correct and every element of the analysis has been accurately completed. In addition to providing the final tax forms to claim the credits, we organize and assemble support documentation in an easy-to-use electronic deliverable. Our electronic deliverable clearly explains our methodologies for calculating the credits, the qualified projects, and the expenditures in connection with those projects. Our deliverable is constantly updated in order to address the salient issues identified by tax authorities.

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